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Here at Thistle Lane Events, I want to make your event dreams come true.


Fifteen years in the service industry has shaped me into a creative and thoughtful event planner. I have worked in a variety of places from 4 star hotels to a sweet southern mom and pop catering company and everything in between. When it came time to venture out on my own, I knew that those years would give me the experience needed for success in creating amazing events. 

I started my business Hannah Bee Events in 2016 and the name comes from a childhood nickname: my mother used to call me Hannah Bee.


When I decided to grow my business I felt that a name change was in order.  Thistle Lane is the street I live on and where my family began, but it is more than that. It's the beginning of a journey, a country lane leading you home. 

I am honored you have chosen Thistle Lane to lend a hand on this journey. 

Hannah Rees
Owner, Thistle Lane Events

About Thistle Lane

Dreaming, after all, is

a form of planning.

- Gloria Steinem